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Digital Business Card

299.00 299.00

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Grab attention and make networking easy with the Digital Business Card that puts your contact info in people’s pockets.

  • Your info accessible anytime, anywhere with a shareable digital card
  • Sync contacts automatically to your phone
  • Customizable with your photo, logo and branding
  • Built-in analytics to see who’s viewing your card

With the Digital Business Card, you can instantly share your contact information by text, email, social media and more. It’s the modern way to network and stay connected.

This digital card is perfect for entrepreneurs, freelancers, and anyone who wants an easy way to share their contact info and stand out. It takes networking to the next level and makes it simple for prospects and connections to reach you and learn more about your business.

All-in-One Social Media Integration

Carve your unique digital presence with our robust customization features. Add a striking hero image and a personal photo, your name, and comprehensive contact details for a compelling digital profile.

Easily connect with your network across multiple platforms. Simply add your social media links and they will be displayed prominently next to your image on your digital card.

Effortless Contact Sharing with vCard

Experience an effortless journey from sign-up to launch. With a user-friendly interface and intuitive controls, creating your personalized digital business card is as simple as ABC.

Share your complete contact information with just a click. Our ‘Add to Contact’ feature allows recipients to download a vCard directly to their phone, seamlessly integrating your details into their contact list.


Your Mini Website

Every profile comes with a unique QR code for easy sharing. Incorporate this into your print materials or artwork for quick access to your digital profile.

Our platform is not limited to individual use. Transform your profile into a digital storefront for your business. Include business-specific information and links to create an all-in-one digital presence.

Individual Profiles

Rs 299.00

Individual Profiles

  • All functionalities
  • Each card will have its own profile and login
  • No ads
  • No App required
  • Android & iPhones compatibility


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